3rd May! Ultimate Selection Box - 6 Different Brownies!

3rd May! Ultimate Selection Box - 6 Different Brownies!

The Ultimate Selection Box!! Choose whatever combo you like from our flavour drop downs :)
Please note, we only do Ultimate Selection Boxes once a month.... these will be posted Monday 3rd May.

Choose from:
	Biscoff Heaven - fudgey chocolate brownie with swirls of the amazing crunchy Biscoff spread baked in, complemented with a Lotus biscuit of course! :) Super rich and delicious….. one of our best sellers!
	Smarty Pants - fudgey chocolate brownie topped with rich smooth chocolate and finished with vegan smarties of course :)
	Chunky Monkey - our original chocolate brownie with delicious naughty chunks of chocolate lovingly baked in, fudgey and chunky – a winning combination :)
	Overtly Orange - Overtly Orange, its not Terry’s it’s ours, and we’re proud of it! Fudgey chocolate brownies with generous chunks of creamy orange chocolate in top, topped with a chocolate orange segment of course!
	Oreo Dream - fudgey chocolate brownies with original oreo shards lovingly baked in! Super rich and full of biscuitty deliciousness.
	Peanut Butterlicious - fudgey chocolate brownie with crunchy peanut butter swirls and a sprinkle of peanuts, that’s it, totally delicious gooey peanut butter and chocolate loveliness!
	Party Time - fudgey chocoloate brownie topped with a layer of chocolate, sweets and biscuits!
	Himalayan Zing - fudgey chocoloate brownie topped with a layer of 'milk' chocolate, zingy freeze dried raspberries and pistachios!

Any questions - just ask :)
Much love, TVBC x
  • Storage

    Our brownies are baked to order and posted on the same day to ensure they are fresh when they arrive with you the next working day. They will be lovingly wrapped in biodegradable film for freshness and packaged in a sturdy postal box! 


    To keep your brownies at their best we recommend placing them in an airtight container on arrival - they should last up to 7 days!

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